Maria Amélia Vampré Xavier

We regret very much to inform you that on June 30 Maria Amélia Vampré Xavier, who was awarded Inclusion International’s Honorary Life Membership in 2010, died aged 94 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She was a valuable partner of Inclusion International over the years attending several of our World Congresses and engaging in many of our projects and activities carried out in the region. She was a strong advocate of inclusive education. In 2015 she participated actively in the regional self-advocacy workshop that took place in Sao Pablo.

Maria Amélia Vampré Xavier had a recognized career as an advocate and promoter of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities. In response to the obstacles she faced in the upbringing of his son, Ricardo Xavier she created with other parents the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional People (Associação de Pais Amigos dos Excepcionais), APAE in São Paulo, Brazil, in the 60s . That Association worked in different cities and states of Brazil to form a movement that spread throughout Brazil: Fenapaes – Federação Nacional das Apaes. Maria Amelia dedicated herself throughout her life to the development of this movement, which today has more than 20 thousand affiliated organizations. She was currently their Adviser of Assuntos Internacionales.

Maria Amélia Vempre screened and published several books, among them O Outro lado do Arco-Íris – Meu Filho Ricardo (On the other side of the Rainbow, my son Ricardo), where she shared her experience on education and other issues of the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.