Mark Mapemba appointed City Council Councillor

Mark Mapemba, Inclusion International Council Member (Self-advocate Representative for Africa and Officer) and Empower Us Action Team Member has been appointed City Council Councillor responsible for persons with disabilities in Blantyre, Malawi.

Here is what he had to say:

“On 29 August I took an oath of office to start my duty after being nominated by FEDOMA to be in the Blantyre City Council to represent all people with disabilities.

It is the first time they have had a person with disability on the council. It is great that they have started by recognizing someone with an intellectual disability because this will help more people to understand it.

This role is very important to me because now I will be part of the decision-making for our city and I will be able to help people with disability by representing our voice.

My responsibilities are:

  • To advise the Council on disability
  • To make sure when they are making plans for the city that they include people with disability
  • To ensure that the information is easy to understand
  • To communicate the challenges that people with a disability in the city are facing”

Congratulations to Mark, we look forward to following and celebrating the work he does as City Council Councillor.

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