Mirriam Namanja

Inclusion International joins Inclusion Africa in expressing our sadness on the passing of Mirriam Namanja on Sunday, 28th October, in Malawi.

Mirriam was a former member of the board of Inclusion Africa and she was the Executive Director of our member organisation PODCAM (Parents of Disabled Children Association of Malawi).

Mirriam was a passionate advocate for the rights of children with disabilities. As a mother of a child with disabilities she worked relentlessly against the social stigma that mothers of children with disabilities experience in their communities. Mirriam stood tall and led a campaign that championed the rights of children with disabilities. In 2000 she founded PODCAM to support and empower persons with disability and their families.

Malawi and Africa has lost a great and strong woman, but the universe
received a new beautiful star. A woman of kindness, of generosity and a
woman whose life was defined by the love she devoted to her family and
those she so led, persons with disabilities including those with
intellectual disabilities- Inclusion Africa Board

At this time of sad loss, our thoughts are with the family and PODCAM.