National Family Forum-Plena Inclusion, Spain


The National Family Forum hosted by Plena Inclusion, Inclusion International’s members in Spain, celebrated Plena Inclusion’s year of the family in 2018 on 19-21 October in Madrid.

More than 400 Families came together to share experiences.

Inclusion International participated at this important event to learn about what it means to be the family of a person with intellectual disabilities in Spain.

Sue Swenson, Inclusion International’s President, shared some information on experiences of families across the world. She spoke about the courage of families she has encountered in other parts of the world who are facing exclusion and extreme poverty. She also called for a united family movement working together to advocate for their rights.

For more information on this event in Spanish click here

The event provided an opportunity to start some discussions with several member organizations about setting up a working group to design a family leadership initiative.

If your organization is interested in helping to build the initiative please let us know