National Forum on Legal Capacity- Mexico

First National Forum on Legal Capacity- Mexico 2010

With the support of Inclusion International, CONFE held its first national conference on Legal Capacity in March 2010. At the conference 70 family leaders and self-advocate members from all over the country participated discussing models of supported versus substitute decision making, and shared their experiences. The general purposes of the conference were:

  • To promote the participation of the organizations gathered in the “National network of CONFE” and other representative organizations of people with disabilities in the public policies projects that CONFE holds for the recognition of the rights for people with disabilities and their families.
  • To help in the creation of a transition strategy in order to change substitution to supported decision making models. This after the diagnosis of the present conditions and legal frame in which the people with intellectual disabilities and their families live.As a result of this conference:
  • The members of the “CONFE National Network” have not only been informed about the UN Convention but they have also been carrying out concrete actions for its implementation, particularly in Inclusive Education, Work and Access to Culture issues.
  • Families and self advocates have a better understanding of the present legal situation in Mexico in regards of the Interdiction (guardianship) legal process.
  • Priorities were established on the Recognition of the Legal Capacity for People with Intellectual Disabilities topic.

A public agreement among CONAPRED (the National Council against Discrimination) and CONFE was reached out in order to start the process of harmonization of the Mexican Civil Code and the UN Convention.