Parents’ Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities – PFPID


Parents’ Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disability, Nepal (PFPID-Nepal) is a non -profit, non-partisan autonomous non-governmental advocacy organization to create an inclusive society ensuring the human rights of persons with intellectual disabilities, established in 2011 in Nepal.

The Federation is formed by the Pwids guardians who work for Pwids strong recognition at the national and international level.

GFPID already has registered 37 autonomous member organizations that have strong access at the local level and good networks with other like minded organizations.

Mission: Improving the quality of lives of people with intellectual disabilities by  ensuring their access to education, health, employment and other basic needs along with social security by organizing and empowering their guardians.

Vision: An inclusive and equitable society for people with intellectual disabilities where their human rights is achieved protected and fostered.

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Kamal Marg, House No: 243