Asociación Nicaragüense para la Integración Comunitaria – ASNIC

ASNIC-LogoASNIC (Nicaraguan Association for Community Living) is a non-governmental organisation legally registered in Nicaragua. ASNIC’s membership is made up mainly by PWDs and their families. However, it is open also to professionals and technicians with an interest in disability, like doctors, lawyers, university professors, artists, etc. that share ASNIC’s vision and objectives.

Since its creation in 1996, ASNIC has successfully participated in national and international lobbying that has resulted in the inclusion of rights of PWD in important national, regional and international legal and policy instruments, like the Declaration of Managua and the Declaration of the City of Quebec.  ASNIC has managed and implemented important projects for the inclusion of PWDs and their families, in topics like Inclusive Education, and creating strategies for increase a protagonism in theirs communities.

Casa Albergue Pierfranco e Luisa Mariani
Barrio Ariel Darce, Managua