Regional Response team orientation and training

Inclusion International is harnessing our energy as catalysts and supporting our members to make progress on inclusive education. Launched in October 2016, Inclusion International’s Catalyst for Inclusive Education initiative links members across countries, across regions, and across the globe with technical and other partners, bringing together people and resources to support our members to advocate, promote and support the implementation of inclusive education at a school, community or country level.

This February members of our Catalyst for Inclusive Education Regional Response Team met in London, UK, for orientation and training. Facilitated by Catalyst Chairperson Diane Richler as well as Alex Cote from the International Disability Alliance, the 4 day training also included guest presentations by Oliver Lewis from MDAC, Shantha Rau Barriga from Human Rights Watch, and Julia McGeown from Handicap International.

Building on the assets and expertise at the country level, the Regional Response team will link Inclusion International member demand to the Catalyst, connecting members with technical expertise and resources in their work advancing inclusive education. Currently, Regional Response team members are working with the Inclusion International staff team to develop introductory tools and materials for Catalyst and to identify country-level support opportunities.

Regional response team members include representation from Ghana, Zanzibar, Kenya, Colombia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Nepal, New Zealand, Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands. Inclusion International will be working to develop the team further to include representation from all five member regions.

Are you trying to advance inclusive education in your country or region? Do you have successful strategies to share? Do you need access to expertise and information that can help you make progress? Connect with Catalyst for Inclusive Education by contacting Tara Levandier at .