Our 2020 Virtual General Assembly

On 9 and 10 November we held our 2020 General Assembly online, in two different timezones.

135 participants from 45 countries joined for a discussion moderated by our President, Sue Swenson, and hosted on the virtual platforem Attendify.

During the Meeting

The President, Sue Swenson and the Executive Director, Connie Laurin-Bowie presented the work of our organisation, by showing this short video animation and giving an overview of our work during the COVID19 pandemic.


We also reviewed the progress we have made since  the resolutions made at our 2018 General Assembly.

Chaica Al Qassimi, Self-Advocate representative of the MENA, presented the work we have done on the 6 Calls to Action. Fauzia Haji, Regional Representative for Africa, introduced our new programme on family leadership.

Tim Gadd, Treasurer and Secretary General presented our accounts for 2019, gave an update on our 2020/2021 finances, presented the risks and our plan for future meetings.

Tim Gadd and Nagase Osamu, Chair of the Membership Committee, presented:

  • Our progress with implementing the Membership Review since 2016
  • Proposals from the Council to the GA to adjust the membership fee bands based on our experience since 2016
  • An inflationary increase membership fees from Jan 2022 recently approved by the Council.
  • The ending of the Solidarity Scheme and the plans for a new Inclusion Fund

During a two-minute silence the assembly paused to reflect the people from our network we have lost since we last met.

Ralph Jones, Chair of the Nominating Committee, presented:

  • The nominating process for Officers and Council members
  • The candidates for the position of Vice-President
  • Video messages from Council Members who are ending leaving Council

Luis Gabriel Villarreal Peralta, Self-advocate Representative for Americas, presented our new programme work to develop guidelines on how organisations can make sure their work is inclusive so that people with an intellectual disability can fully take part.

Sue thanked Elena Dal Bo, David Corner and Sara Pickard for their incredible contributions to our network and awarded them with an honorary life membership.

Presentations   Videos   Transcript


Approval of resolutions and voting on election of the Vice-President