II members get involved in World Bank Safeguards Review consultations

The World Bank has launched a “Safeguards Review”.

As part of this review, the World Bank is conducting consultations on the Safeguards.
Click here for a full list of where and when all the review meetings are taking place

Safeguards are important because they are designed to ensure that World Bank funded projects respect certain issues, including environmental issues, indigenous peoples, human rights, etc..  If World Bank-funded projects are not complying with the safeguard standards, communities can file a complaint with the World Bank Inspection Panel.  The panel can request the interruption of a project if it is found to be in violation of the safeguard standards.

Currently, disability is not included in the safeguards.  The current review is an opportunity to change this.

Inclusion International is working with the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and other partners to get information about the consultation process.  A disability safeguards campaign has been developed by the Bank Information Center (BIC), an organization that is focused on World Bank advocacy work and LPHU, a Lebanese disability organization.

Here are some background documents and campaign materials developed by BIC:

If you are planning on attending these consultations or are aware of other consultations, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Anna MacQuarrie
Human Rights Officer
Inclusion International