Pilot workshop on electronic data documentation for people with disabilities

The workshop was held by Inclusion International members, Therap global world leader in electronic documentation software solutions for persons with disabilities, recently and KAI, Kenya Association of the Intellectually Handicapped Nairobi on 8-21 September in Nairobi.

A meeting between some of Inclusion Africa members and Therap global team in Birmingham during  Inclusion International’s world congress explored avenues and collaboration on how the two organizations could work together to promote access to services for people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Africa using Therap web based electronic documentation platform.

During the meeting they talked about running pilot workshops in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar and progressively upscale to other Inclusion Africa members drawing from the learnings and experiences from these three countries.

The conversation on the exciting initiative continued beyond the world congress culminating in Therap visit by expert on person-centered planning Ms. Ishya Dotson, to Kenya.

The first two days of the visit were dedicated to field visits in Nairobi and its environs, the team visited Disabled Persons Organizations including the umbrella body in the country United Disabled Persons of Kenya, schools and The National Council for Persons With Disabilities which is a State Corporation mandated to coordinate all issues of Persons with Disabilities in National Development.

The third day of the visit was dedicated to a one-day information session, which brought together 30 participants drawn from the department of social department, disability division, DPO leaders, KAIH family members and self-advocates, teachers, social workers, occupational therapists and 2 Inclusion Africa board members.The session discussed how the Therap suite of application is being used globally across North America, Asia and Africa by over 4000 providers supporting over 500,000 individuals, to enhance the person-centered planning process.

The objectives of the information session was

  1. To broaden the understanding of person centered planning and how stakeholders (government and DPOs) can use electronic documentation for persons with disabilities.
  2. To introduce electronic data documentation and Reporting using Therap System.

The visit by Therap to KAIH has opened up new ideas and efficient ways of electronic documentation, reporting, tracking and monitoring of services, which will enable KAIH to generate timely reports, manage its membership and also have concrete information that will support its advocacy work especially in monitoring of the services offered to persons with intellectual disabilities and their families

Therap Global Team member Ken Slavin is planning to attend a conference in Zambia and will be visiting  other countries in Africa as well to meet with stakeholders in the PWD community. Those interested to learn more about how Therap Global is working with organizations that support Persons with Disabilities can request a meeting here.