Position Paper – Children


The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities promotes:

  • Full enjoyment by children with disabilities of all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with other children.
  • That in actions concerning children with disabilities the best interest of the child shall be a primary consideration.
  • That children with disabilities have the right to express their views freely on all matters affecting them, on an equal basis with other children, and to be provided with assistance to realize that right

 Inclusion International demands that children with intellectual disabilities be recognised as having the same rights as all other children and that they should receive the supports they require to realize those rights.


Children with disabilities are more likely than other children to be:

  • victims of war
  • vulnerable as refugees or in lands occupied by foreign countries
  • street children
  • orphaned or abandoned
  • exploited
  • in poverty
  • denied access to healthy living conditions and health care and
  • denied education.
  • Institutionalised

Particular attention is needed to ensure the full enjoyment of rights by children who have a disability.


Inclusion International promotes the inclusion and human rights of children with intellectual disabilities by advocating for:

  • Early identification and intervention programmes
  • Access to information and strong supports to families who have children with disabilities
  • Community supports and services to promote inclusion

Position Paper on Children (Spanish)
Position Paper on Children (English)