Press Release: UN Human Rights Council Endorses II Position on Article 19

Press release
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1April, 2015

UN Human Rights Council Endorses Inclusion International’s Position on Article 19

On 27 March, at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) approved a resolution on the right of persons with disabilities to be included in the community.

The HRC, which heard from Inclusion International Council member and self-advocate Quincy Mwiya at their annual debate on the rights of persons with disabilities, echoed Inclusion International’s report on Article 19 with the recognition of the link between the right to live in the community and the right to make decisions. Further, the HRC explicitly supported the need for deinstitutionalization.

The joint resolution, introduced by Mexico and New Zealand, and co-sponsored by 50 other states, reflects the position in II’s Global Report, Inclusive Communities = Stronger Communities.  Specifically, the report, issued in October 2012, highlighted the need for people with intellectual disabilities to have choice; support and community inclusion.  Choice about where and with whom one lives; supports for individuals and families and communities (education systems, health systems, recreation, transportation etc) organize themselves in inclusive ways.

II applauds the HRC for their understanding on what is required to secure the right to live and be included in the community and welcomes the resolution.

Inclusion International’s Global Report Inclusive Communities = Stronger Communities can be viewed online at