Inclusion International’s priorities for 2017/18

Inclusion International’s advocacy efforts at the UN and in other global discussions are guided by the priorities identified by our members globally. While member organizations in different regions and countries experience different political and economic contexts, the issues of exclusion for families and self-advocates are shared globally.  Our members continue to prioritize their advocacy efforts in four general areas:

  • Inclusive Education
  • Living and being included in the community
  • The right to decide
  • Inclusive development There are specific activities planned and more information relating to each of these priorities on our website

For 2017-18, we have identified several important opportunities to advance the priority issues of our members at the UN and in global processes. These include:

  • Ensuring the General Comment on Article 19 reflects the perspectives and priorities of people with intellectual disabilities and their families
  • Ensuring that the role of families in advancing inclusion is articulated and recognized by the international disability community; the UN CRPD Expert Group and UN agencies
  • Ensure that our voice is heard in the Sustainable Development Goals with specific efforts focused on Goal # 4 Inclusive, Quality Education for All

People with intellectual disabilities and their families are at the core of our movement, and we incorporate self-advocacy and families throughout our priorities. We are also prioritize investing specifically in the leadership of families and self-advocates and promoting policies and practices to advance the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

In the coming months we will host a series of webinars about these advocacy targets. Throughout the year, we will provide updates on our efforts and share information about how to contribute to these efforts in your own country and at the UN.