Parents for Inclusive Education in Colombia

Inclusion International’s UN project also supported a pilot initiative in partnership with ASDOWN enabled the association to do an analysis of the education plan in Colombia in relation to Article 24; strengthen the capacity of the organization to contribute to the education policy dialogue in Colombia and to train teachers and families in good practices in inclusive education.

The Colombian government, at the beginning of the project in 2008, through the Ministry of Education agreed in a letter of consent to support the initiative. This support created opportunities to build partnerships and generating financial contributions.

The initiative allowed the family organization to work with the Ministry of Education, with civil society and with other disability organizations in issues related to the implementation of Article 24 of the UN Convention. The knowledge developed by the members of the organization enabled them to participate actively in the Council for Disability in Bogotá and in several meetings around the ratification of the Convention happening in the country. As a result, the voices and perspectives of families of children with disabilities are being heard in decision making processes related to the implementation of the Convention and education planning in Colombia.

As a part of the initiative Gordon Porter and Ines Escallon who are members of II’s Convention Action Team on Inclusive Education conducted training sessions for teachers and families on inclusive education.

ASDOWN’s central purpose is to dignify the lives of people with Down Syndrome through empowerment of their families and the search to recognize diversity as a social value.