Quincy Mwiya

Inclusion International expresses our deep sadness and our sympathy for the Mwiya family on the sudden passing of Quincy Mwiya on Friday, 6th January 2017.

Quincy, an honourary life member of Inclusion International, was a Council member from November 2006 to October 2016.

Quincy’s contributions to our movement have been profound. He was part of Inclusion International’s delegation during the negotiations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and helped to build the self-advocacy voice in Africa. He was also the Inclusion International representative to the International Disability Alliance.

Quincy recently helped to co-facilitate Inclusion International’s and the Arc’s recent global self-advocacy leadership summit and was a contributor to our global report on self-advocacy.

In all of his roles, Quincy helped to raise awareness about people with intellectual disabilities and their families and remind others that all people with intellectual disabilities really want is “typical lives”.

“He made it so clear” Inclusion International President, Klaus Lachwitz recalled. “He spoke up and said simply: ‘we want jobs, we want to get married, we want to be included just like you.’ He had an impact on me and I know on many others. He will be deeply missed”

Quincy’s quiet demeanour often hid his sense of humour. Those privileged to spend time with him will recall his ability to laugh and make jokes.

Our deepest condolences to the entire Mwiya family.