Regional Conference on Inclusive Education and Information Sharing

On 24 and 25 April the team of Educational Equality from ACIJ organized the “Regional Conference on Inclusive Education and Information Sharing”.

Six organizations participated in the meeting from different countries in South America:

  • CAinfo of Uruguay
  • IIDI of Uruguay;
  • My Talents of Chile;
  • Asdown of Colombia;
  • Article 24 Group of Argentina
  • SODIS of Peru.

image001 The organizations described inclusive education in their respective countries and the status of implementation of Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Asdown Colombia member organization of Inclusion International, shared the World Report on Inclusive Education and their work in advocacy in Colombia with the support provided by organization at the National level belonging to the Network of Families for Change.

The group also shared experiences of public policy advocacy, media campaigns and monitoring carried out by organizations of persons with disabilities and organizations of human rights.

image003The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the possibility of working in a regional strategy towards ensuring access for all persons, with or without disabilities in regular schools. In this framework, a common area of ​​exchange of information and experiences from each organization was established so they all would benefit from lessons learned by others in their advocacy. In this regard, there was general agreement by all organizations about the value of having data, indicators and information in general, when planning advocacy strategies in the field.

image002Beyond the reality of each country, despite the entry into force of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, they found that inclusive education is still a great debt of Human Rights of the South American States. According to this analysis, in the framework of the meeting, the organizations agree on the need for civil society to join forces to promote common goals and to work in coordination in the region.

Monica Cortes also shared her experience working with the Family Network for Change in Colombia, with the Article 24 group comprised of 100 organizations in Argentina working together to develop the legislation in relation to inclusive education, considering very valuable what is happening in Colombia and the importance of cooperation from organizations like Inclusion International