Self-Advocates Remember the Sagamihara Attack

Self-advocates met in Yokohama, Japan on 28 July 2019, discussing their dreams and aspirations while remembering the Sagamihara Attack, which took place three years ago, July 2016, killing 19 persons with intellectual disabilities living at the care facility in the suburbs of Tokyo.  Inclusion International’s statement, that was immediately released is available below.

Inclusion International’s statement

The meeting was organized by a self-advocacy group, “Niji iro de Go” (Let’s go with Rainbow Colors), which was born in reaction to this tragedy and has been organizing workshops for peer support and awareness raising as well as encouraging the survivors and their family members.  Nagase Osamu, Officer of Inclusion International, took part in the meeting and appreciated the activities by this group.  You can access the presentation on “Niji iro de Go” by Nagase at the hugely successful “Europe in Action”, Lithuania, June 2019 below.

Nagase’s “Niji iro de Go” Presentation