Response to Draft General Comment no.4 Article 24, The Right to inclusive education

Inclusion International (II)i welcomes the opportunity to respond to the draft General Comment (GC) number 4, Article 24: The right to inclusive education. Through a series of webinars II has consulted with its members and partners in developing our response. From Rwanda to Nicaragua and from education NGOs to development partners, II’s network has contributed to developing this submission. This submission attempts to capture the inputs from our members and our partners with a particular emphasis on the issues related to the inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities and their families. Some of our members will contribute their own comments via direct submissions to the Committee.

The current draft has many strengths and has taken on many of the key issues II has raised with the Committee via earlier submissions and as part of the Day of General Discussion. Our response will highlight the strengths of the GC, priority issues for action, and identify areas that require additional effort.

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