Robert Martin elected to UN Committee

Robert Martin

Robert Martin, former Inclusion International Council member has been elected to sit on the United Nations Committee to monitor the Convention for Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD).  Robert is the first person with an intellectual disability to sit on a UN Committee.

Robert was one of Inclusion International’s representatives during the negotiations of the CRPD. He helped to shape some of the key ‎articles such as the right to live and be included in the community.  He said “I am very proud to have been elected to the Committee for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my campaign, Minister Wagner, former Minister Turia, the team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Office for Disability Issues, the NZ Disabled Persons Organisations Coalition, David Rutherford and Paul Gibson from the NZ Human Rights Commission, Down Syndrome International, Peter Powell, Cindy Johns, and my friends at People First New Zealand.  It is a great day for people with learning disability around the world. I hope my participation on the Committee will set the pathway for others to follow in the future.”

Luis Gabriel, Inclusion International Council member from the Americas said “I want to congratulate Robert for this undoubtedly extraordinary achievement. It really represents the one of so many goals that people with intellectual disabilities have fulfilled during these years. “