Inclusion International’s global self-advocacy initiative

IMG_3468Last week at the United Nations, Inclusion International announced that we would be working on creating a space for self-advocates, family members and organisations/individuals who support self-advocates to share information and ideas about self advocacy.

We’re working hard on creating a new website which is just about self-advocacy. So where ever you are in the world you can get information, resources, and support to make self-advocacy a reality.

The new website, when it’s launched, will provide information and tools for; self-advocates, individuals, families, and organisations to:

  • share their own experiences
  • understand what good support is
  • how organisations can include self-advocates and become more accessible
  • how self-advocates and groups can make changes in their communities.

You can find out more here

We would really like you to be involved and would love to hear about your experiences.  You can do this by taking our quick survey. (A French version of the survey will be available soon).

Take the survey in English:

Take the survey in Spanish: