Self-advocacy Regional Report from Asia-Pacific

 Its really interesting to be doing some work with IDA (International Disability Alliance). Great to do some work with Alexander Cote (IDA Capacity Building Program Officer) in the Pacific with Anna (MacQuarrie, Inclusion International Director of Global Initiatives, Policy and Human Rights) and Julia (Hawkins – David’s supporter). To get members to meet other people who are down that way. We done well!

Nagase (Osamu, Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific) has done lots of work with self-advocacy. He should be paid as a full time promoter for self-advocacy.

Its really great to hear that Klaus (Lachwitz, President) has been in India. Its really interesting that people want to know what intellectual disability is. We’ve been trying to tell them for the last 100 years and now they actually want to listen. I think things are changing.

People First in New Zealand has their 10th anniversary, independent of any organisation – so that was good!”