Self-advocates and families are united in their call for inclusive employment

The CRPD Committee, a United Nations Committee of experts on the rights of persons with disabilities, is developing their Draft General Comment 8 on Article 27.

Article 27 of the CRPD focuses on the right to work and employment for people with disabilities, and General Comment 8 will provide advice to governments on how to implement Article 27 in their countries.

Article 27 on the right to work and employment is important to our members, and Inclusion International had the opportunity to submit comments to the Committee to ensure that our network’s positions on work and employment are reflected in the General Comment.

Our submission attempts to capture the inputs from our members, with an emphasis on issues related to the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in employment. Inclusion International members from over 30 countries participated in the development of this submission, with the perspectives of all 5 of our global regions represented.

Self-advocates and families are united in their call for inclusive employment, and Inclusion International’s submission to the CRPD Committee is rooted in the key message about employment that our General Assembly affirmed in 2018:

We demand real jobs, in the community, for real pay, and the support we need to be successful.”

Through our submission, we raised key issues that impact access to inclusive employment for people with intellectual disabilities, including the lack of access to inclusive education and vocational training, inaccessible workplaces and recruitment schemes, unsupportive social protection systems, and the lack of resources to support the transition from sheltered workshops.

We called for the CRPD Committee to advise governments to:

  • Make sure that employers and agencies that help people to get work follow the CRPD
  • Make sure that employment policy includes people with the most significant barriers
  • Provide funding to help people transition from sheltered workshops
  • Collect more data about people with intellectual disabilities in work
  • Consult families and self-advocates about employment issues

Read Inclusion International’s full submission here

Inclusion International participated in the CRPD Committee’s Day of General Discussion on Work and Employment to talk about the challenges faced by people with intellectual disabilities in employment.

Watch our Vice-President, Mark Mapemba’s, presentation here (March 22):

Watch our President, Sue Swenson’s, presentation here (March 24):