Global Report: Self-Advocacy for Inclusion

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Over the last 2 years Inclusion International has been building a picture of what self-advocacy looks like around the world.  Across our network, many individuals and organisations have taken part in workshops, surveys and interviews to tell us: what self-advocacy means to them; what good support is; how organisations can be more inclusive, and the vital role that families play in empowering self-advocacy.

Our global report Self-Advocacy for Inclusion provides a snapshot of work, and has some useful information for self-advocates, supporters, organisations and families.

Self-advocates have told us about the important issues they fight to change, either in their own communities or in their countries; from more opportunities to have meaningful employment, having a choice about how they spend their time, or where they live.  Self-advocates have also told us about what good support looks like.

Organisations that work with people with intellectual disabilities have shared how they are striving to become more inclusive and support self-advocacy.  They provide opportunities to self-advocates to directly share their stories and experiences with leaders and decision makers to raise the profile of people with intellectual disabilities.

The report also heard from families.  They play a crucial role in supporting self-advocates.  Often they are a persons only support.  Without their support, people with intellectual disabilities remain isolated and excluded.  Families have told us they need support to.  Support to learn about rights and about self-advocacy, but also other to chance to connect with other families to offer and receive peer support.

As well as containing the results from our global survey, interviews and workshops, Self-Advocacy for Inclusion also provides some useful guidance for anyone who wants to make the world more inclusive for people with intellectual disabilities.

Whether you are an individual, self-advocacy group, or an orgnisation we would like to share the good practice and resources that have been developed with our network.  We have developed a website to help share your work. All information will be credited.  If you would like to share some information with our network, please email

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