Senada Halilcevic – Self advocate (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Senada-HalilcevicMy name is Senada Halilcevic.

I was born on 26 December 1976 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Growing up

As a child, I went to rehabilitation and finished special school there. I graduated from secondary school at the Centre for Education Dubrava, to be a knitter. After graduation I went home to Hvar. I could not find a job in my profession or find any kind of job. I did not have support to live in the community.

Living in an institution

While I was living with my parents, I had no support and neither did my parents. I lived with my parents for three years. Family problems arose and I ended up in an institution again. After a few years I could not see my life in an institution anymore. I wanted to live like all other people. I succeeded in fighting to leave the institution. Life in the institution was not good. I could not go out to town when I wanted to. I could not socialize with other people. I could not work and earn my salary.

My life now

My life now is very dynamic and very exciting. I live alone in a rented flat in Zagreb. I work and I socialize with my friends. I can manage my salary the way I want to and spend my money the way I want to. I travel. I decide what my flat will look like.

I can say that I am living my dream right now. I am very happy.