Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome de Down conference on Inclusive Education

On 2nd -4th March 2016, Inclusion International and its member in Colombia ASDOWN Colombia were invited by Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome de Down (SPSD )to support their initiative around Inclusive Education in Peru.

175 teachers attended the conference aimed at providing teachers with tools and strategies to promote inclusive education. A conversation was started around developing a common language on inclusive education. Presentations focussed on:

  • what inclusive education is and means in the classroom
  • educational perspectives and trends around students with disability, inclusive education and its relation with Education for All and quality of education
  • strategies to teach students with intellectual disability in regular classes with peers of their same age and the support they need.

SPSD had also arranged a meeting with the team in the Ministry of Education in charge of special education. During the meeting they showed some of the challenges and approaches they are taking to move forward inclusive education in Peru and we shared some ideas from best practices in other countries and the knowledge that II has from the work around the globe and the Global Report on Inclusive Education, Better Education for All: When we’re Included Too. It was highlighted the need to recognize how many of the models used specially on the issue of supports would be something to address in their work. We also attended a meeting with Marilu Martens, Pablo Gomez and Liliana Peñaherrera, each recognized the will and opportunities to move inclusive education forward and the need to learn from models of best practice.

We also met with Civil Society Organizations that are working towards building a coalition around inclusive education under the leadership of SPSD. They started working together to advocate that legislation in which the government had stated the number of children with ¨special needs¨ should be in every school including private schools would not be lowered with a new approach and legislation.

The discussion centered around one of their greatest challenges that they all would agree that inclusive education is for all and that progression towards such a goal would be part of their agenda but there is always the feeling that some students would benefit from segregated ¨special education¨ schools.

On March 4 II presented the Global Report on Inclusive Education, Better Education for All; When we’re Included Too.

Finally, the Family forum presented to government officials on many of the challenges facing Peru round Legal Capacity, and II presented the Global Report on the Right to Decide Independent But Not Alone in a round table with Malena Pineda Angeles representing the Prosecutor office ( Fiscalia) she said the report was one of a kind” and she congratulated II and said they support the work they are doing with civil society ¨ that includes partners as the SPSD advocating around needed legislation changes.