Europe In Action 2013

Fadia and Mia at Europe in Action 2013The Conference Ageing People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families (Ljubljana, Slovenia) brought together policy experts, families and member organization to discuss the global challenges facing aging adults with intellectual disabilities and their increasingly senior-aged family members who are supporting them.

Strengthening Our Movement: A Focus on European Perspectives

Inclusion International with Inclusion Europe engaged our European network in a discussion about strengthening and revitalizing our global movement. In response to demands from members in Europe for enhanced collaboration and coordination between European and global efforts  we will move toward one membership in one movement. As a part of one movement members will have access to and support from global and regional networks and expertise in policy and practice that  is relevant and useful for their work at a national level.  A more coordinated approach will enable Inclusion International and Inclusion Europe to better meet the needs of our members and ensure that we are: relevant to families; effectively advancing self-advocacy; and effective in influencing European and global policy agendas.