Supported Decision Making

Capture_2016_05_20_16_16_12_723The Open Society Foundations and the American University Washington College of Law convened a four day workshop (April 11-14) to share experiences on the implementation of the CRPD Article 12 (equal recognition before the law).

Participants from 18 countries shared their experience with legislative and analytic frameworks for the exercise of legal capacity and supported decision-making projects.  Inclusion International member organizations from Colombia, Bulgaria, and Kenya gave particular focus to the ways in which people with intellectual disabilities and their families can be supported to build networks of support.

For people with intellectual disabilities, their families and our member organisations there is a growing body of knowledge and experience about how supports can be developed and recognised to ensure that everyone has the right to exercise their legal capacity.  In the coming months Inclusion International will draw from these experiences to share with members some emerging issues and to reflect on the progress that has been made on Article 12 since the adoption of the CRPD ten years ago.

If you have a story to tell from your country about supported decision making please share it with us by emailing us