II Network Prominent at Zero Conference on Inclusive Education

10th -12th February, Vienna.

The Zero Project Conference 2016, convened by the Essl Foundation, the World Future Council and the European Foundation Centre at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria highlighted 98 Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices concerning Inclusive Education and/or ICTs from around the world.  The Conference brought together local project innovators working on inclusive education including several award recipients from II’s global network.  Representatives of Inclusion’s global network participated in conference workshops and plenaries, sharing our perspectives on good practices in inclusive education and strategies for implementation.

II took the opportunity of the gathering in Vienna to host a consultation prior to the Conference to get advice and input from international leaders about how to support our member organizations in their efforts to advance inclusive education in their own countries.  As our members are increasingly requesting tools and support to advance inclusive education in their own countries,  we recognize the need to establish a global resource “platform” available to our members including training materials; strategies and access to human resources/networks.  The consultation in Vienna was an opportunity to consult with allies in global agencies and our members in different regions to understand the needs and to design an appropriate mechanism for delivery.  Subsequent consultations with members in different regions will build on these initial discussions to help shape II’s strategies on inclusive education for the future.

©Pepo Schuster, austrofocus.at
©Pepo Schuster, austrofocus.at

Inclusion International President, Klaus Lachwitz, was asked by the organizers to moderate the session on Inclusive and Quality Education Models – Innovative Practices and Policies.

Klaus said

It was a very interesting meeting with many particpants from all over the world, intensive discussions and excellent spreakers representing governments (Ministries for Education) such as Brazil, Canada and Italy and important DPOs from USA (TASH), Spain (ONCE) and Belgium (VCLB).



Click here to read a short summary on statement delivered and discussions. This summary shows that nearly everybody in the room claimed for the implemenation of Art. 24 UN – CRPD, i.e. for the establishment of inclusive education systems without leaving loopholes for segregating education.