Webinar Video: Inputs to the CRPD Committee in the Draft General Comment on Article 24

ENGLISH WEBINAR-8 December, 2015

Comments and feedback for Response to CRPD Art 24

SPANISH WEBINAR- 10th December, 2015

Comments and feedback for Response to CRPD Article 24

Inclusion International held a Webinar discussion on key issues regarding the  Draft General comment on the right to inclusive education (Article 24)  recently released by the CRPD Committee.  The purpose of the webinar was to collect feedback on the General Comment for Inclusion International’s submission and to support our members, who may also want to submit to the Committee.

Diane Richler (Inclusion International Ambassador to the UN) lead participants in a discussion and overview of the General Comment; explain the Committee process and offer strategic advice on how to make submissions. The webinar provided information about:

1. The value of a General Comment on the Right to Inclusive Education (Art 24)

2. Why the voices of civil society organizations are valuable and needed?

3. Issues of concerns for our members in the draft General Comment

4. What you can do

5. How II can support you

Background Information and II participation in the Process

A process for development of a General Comment on Article 24 has been underway for the last year.

A General Comment is a quasi legal document published by the UN Committee which provides a detailed interpretation of an article or issue relating to the Convention and provides guidance on the actions required by governments to ensure its implementation.  For Inclusion International’s members this is an important opportunity to contribute to the global understanding of inclusive education.

Inclusion International has been actively contributing to the Committee’s work on Article 24 in collaboration with our members from different regions:

On February 2015 II held 2 webinars 1 in English and 1 in Spanish http://inclusion-international.org/influencing-global-discussions-on-inclusive-education/  to:

·         Inform and support members or groups to submit comments to the Committee;

·         Seek feedback from II members on key areas to address in II’s submission; and,

·         Highlight key messages II plans to share with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Committee

On April 15, 2015 Inclusion International contributed to the UN Day of General Discussion on education in Geneva by addressing unique issues of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in accessing inclusive education. http://inclusion-international.org/videos-from-the-day-of-general-discussion-on-education/

Inclusion International hosted a side event at the 14th Session of the CRPD Committee at the UN in Geneva on 28 August.  The purpose of the session was to promote progressive examples of inclusive education from around the world.  As the CRPD Committee of Experts are in the process of drafting a General Comment on Article 24, this session was designed to demonstrate how inclusive education is working in different regions of the world even in countries with few resources

Report from Inclusion International Side Session

The CRPD Committee has now released its Draft General comment on the right to inclusive education (Article 24) on its website (only available in English). The Committee is inviting written submissions on the comment from interested stakeholders. Submissions are due on 5 January 2016.

We hope you can join us during the webinar and for those of you that are not able to join, II will be posting the videos on our Website www.inclusion-international.org

Inclusion Europe will be doing a consultation with its members for more information see http://inclusion-europe.eu/ and if others are doing regional or country consultations we would appreciate if you let us know.

For more information about the General Comment or assistance in development of a submission please contact Anna MacQuarrie at amacquarrie@nullinclusion-international.org