VI National Forum of Families and Down Syndrome Leaders in Peru

On 31 August- 1st September, Inclusion International member in Peru, Socieded Peurana Sindrome de Down, held the The VI National Forum of Families and Leaders with Down Syndrome  in the city of Lima, Peru. Hundreds of participants came together to share and learn from each other about rights, health, inclusive education, supportive employment and independent living.

For many parents of babies and children it was exciting to meet young people and leaders with Down syndrome, who now have an active participation advocating for their rights, in politics and who are fulfilling many of their dreams.

Astrid Cáceres was invited to speak as the representative of Inclusion International’s programme Catalyst for Inclusive education, and spoke about how to strengthen the knowledge of civil society representatives on inclusive education, how to use tools for regional and local advocacy, as well as how to empower families to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, especially the right to quality inclusive education.

Catalyst for Inclusive education is an Inclusion International initiative linking members across countries, across regions, and across the globe with technical and other partners. The programme helps our members’ inclusive education projects and initiatives build on larger education reform efforts.

Inclusion International members can join Catalyst here.