Webinar on Draft General Comment on Article 19

The Committee on the Rights of Disabled People is calling for submissions on its Draft General Comment on Article 19: Living independently and being included in the community.  The General Comment is an important interpretation of the rights contained within the CRPD and provides guidance and recommendations to States on the implementation of those rights.

Some of the key issues that are included in this Draft General Comment are:

  • The right to be able to choose where to live and with whom
  • Institutionalisation, including the lack of strategies and plans to close institutions
  • Denial of legal capacity
  • The lack services to support living independently and in the community
  • Negative attitudes, stigma and stereotypes that prevent persons with disabilities from being included in the community

Inclusion International will be developing its response.  The deadline to respond to the Comment is 30th June 2017.

We will be hosting a webinar on the General Commen on 24th and 25th May. The purpose of this session will be:

  • To hear from our members about their experiences to help us develop a response.
  • To support our members to respond directly to the General Comment.

Information on how to join the webinar and times will be confirmed shortly. The webinar will be in English but the information will also be provided in Spanish. If you would like information on any other language please let us know.

Read the Draft General Comment here