Who We Are

The Lebanese Association for Self-Advocacy (LASA), our member organisation in Lebanon

Inclusion International is a global federation of family-based organizations advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide. For over fifty years Inclusion International has been committed
to the promotion of these human rights and our organization now represents over 200 member federations in 115 countries throughout five
regions including the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

Our vision

A world where people with intellectual disabilities and their families can
equally participate and be valued in all aspects of community life.

Our mission

With its member societies, Inclusion International acts as an agent for
change on the basis of four main principles affecting the lives of people
with an intellectual disability and their families:

  • Inclusion in all aspects of everyday society
  • Full citizenship which respects individual human rights responsibilities
  • Self-determination in order to have control over the decisions affecting one’s life
  • Family support through adequate services and support networks to families with a disabled members

Strategic Plan

Inclusion International is an assembly of the voices of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families that promotes shared values of respect, diversity, human rights, solidarity and inclusion. This document reflects our vision and outlines how Inclusion International will fulfill its commitment in the years ahead download the full strategic plan

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