Our website

Our website has been tested by people with intellectual disabilities and their families as part of a Listen Include Respect test project.

We held 3 meetings to review during the structure, design and content.

We want it to be accessible for everyone, no matter what device or assistive technology you are using.

We use plain language across our website and in all of our communications unless they are for  technical staff. 

We use headings to break up the text and help you find the information you are looking for more easily.

When we add links in text, we make sure they are obvious. The link text clearly describes where that link will take you.

We have directed our links to open in the same tab to make it easier for people using mobile phones.

We use images and photos to break up the text on this website.

Photos also help us give you more information on what we are talking about.

We use Alt Text where the image contributes towards the meaning of the page. Alt text is a short written description of an image, which helps to make sense of an image when it can’t be viewed.

We don’t use any animations on our website.

All videos on our website are hosted on Youtube with captions.

The accessible overlay is a feature that can help you to  adjust how this website appears for you.

Some features you may find useful are:

  • Highlight titles
  • Highlight links
  • Text magnifier
  • Hide images
  • Highlight focus

Your device

The device and browser you use might have accessibility features already built in! We encourage you to explore them as they may help you to use other websites more easily. 

What do you think of our website?

We want to know what you think about our website and how it can be made more accessible.

It is really helpful to us and helps us to make things better for you.

Please email info@inclusion-international.org with the subject “Web Accessibility”.