A mission and vision are sentences that help explain what big ideas we believe in.


A vision explains what we want the world to look like in the future.

Our vision is a world where people with intellectual disabilities and their families can take part and be valued equally in all areas of their lives in their communities.


A mission explains what action we are going to take to help us make our vision happen.

Our mission is to advocate for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into their communities as valued neighbours and citizens.

To advocate means standing up for what we believe in and asking for change.

We do work towards this mission in different ways, like by going to the United Nations (UN) to ask them to make inclusion happen, or by supporting our members to ask for change in their countries.

Basic Principles of our Organisation

Statement of Unity

All of our members sign our Statement of Unity to say they share the same values and goals as us.

Articles of Association

They set out the rules for how Inclusion International is run. They also set out rules for how it is regulated (how people check it is being run properly).