YearAwardeeCountryAwarded for
2020David CornerNew ZealandDavid’s involvement with Inclusion International has changed the way we work. As the representative for the largest and most populous region he travelled extensively in Asia Pacific and worked hard to hear the voices of members in the region.  David’s knowledge and experience as a self-advocate have been invaluable to our work. Amongst David’s achievements, he has spoken at UN events, given advice on how to make the Sustainable Development Goal’s inclusive and led IDA Bridge training. David has challenged exclusion, and he has helped us to become a better, more inclusive organisation.
Elena Dal BoArgentinaElena has contributed a wealth of knowledge and experience to the region and the global network, particularly on family matters but also supporting the process for self-advocates to develop a stronger voice. Her work as regional representative on the Council was key in advancing the work of the global network in the region and her your commitment to strengthening the connection amongst the members in the region was exceptional.
Sara PickardUKSara was a Council member and regional representative for Europe. Her drive for encouraging other self advocates across the world to stand up for themselves and their rights has made a huge impression on the work of Inclusion International and especially the Empower Us programme. Her knowledge and experience as a self advocate have been invaluable to our work.
2018Mia FarahLebanonMia was one of Inclusion International’s representatives during the negotiations of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In her role as self-advocate Council member she contributed to many workshops and trainings and participated in conferences sharing her experiences, inspiring and encouraging people and their families.
Mia and her mum set up the Lebanese Association of Self-advocates (LASA) to speak up and fight for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in Lebanon. She is currently one of the Board members.
Klaus LachwitzGermany
Fadia FarahLebanonFadia served on the Council as the Vice President helping to build the strength and credibility of Inclusion International.
Fadia had a main part in the development of the movement of self-advocacy in Lebanon and the Arab world.
Together with her daughter, Mia, they founded the Lebanese Association for Self-Advocacy (LASA). As the President of LASA she has worked closely with civil society to identify ways in which organizations can become more inclusive and to pave the way for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Lebanon.
Maureen PiggotUK
Vanessa dos SantosSouth Africa
2016Ralph JonesNew Zealand
Raquel JelinekMexico
Nagase OsamuJapan
Quincy MwiyaZambiaQuincy was part of our delegation during the negotiations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and helped to build the self-advocacy voice in Africa
2012Diane RichlerCanada
Haydee BecklesPanama
Roberto LealNicaraguaRoberto was a revolutionary, a diplomat, a father, a leader. He left his diplomatic career to focus on supporting families of children like his son Gabriel. He mobilized families in Nicaragua, then Central America and throughout the Americas who often referred to him as their “father”. Roberto was the key architect of the 1993 Declaration of Managua which set the direction of Inclusion Inter-Americana and influenced thinking about disability as a matter of human rights in the Americas and beyond.
Ann TurnbullUSAAnn demonstrated exemplary leadership in the
disability community in the US and abroad. Her efforts and engagement in our movement has had profound impact on advancing the rights and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families around the world.
Rud TurnbullUSARud demonstrated exemplary leadership in the
disability community in the US and abroad. His efforts and engagement in our movement has had profound impact on advancing the rights and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families around the world.
2010Donald BeasleyNew Zealand
Maria Amelia VamprésBrazil
Paule Renoir
Peter Mittler UK
Yvonne PosternakSwitzerlandYvonne Posternak took part in the first meeting which led to the foundation of the European League in 1960 and became the second President of the International League from 1968 to 1972.  She represented the Geneva Parents Association at this first meeting in the Netherlands, also attended by representatives from France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Greece.
Tom MuttersAmsterdamTom understood from the beginning the importance of international cooperation. Soon after the founding of Lebenshilfe Germany, with like-minded people in Europe and in the United States, he started a global organisation that is today known as Inclusion International. In his role as the Chairperson of a European network, he was also instrumental in founding Inclusion Europe in 1989.
His vision of the inclusion of disabled people which he advocated from the 1950s, is today reflected in the UN Disability Convention, which guarantees full participation and demands an inclusive society. His international engagement with other family organisations in Europe and internationally will always be remembered by the worldwide inclusion movement.
Ingrid KörnerGermany
2008Barb GoodeCanadaBarb was the first person with a disability to address the United Nations General Assembly at our 13th Annual Congress
Desmond CorriganNew Zealand
Fred HeddellUK
Moussa CharafeddineLebanon
Robert MartinNew ZealandRobert was the first person with learning disability elected onto a United Nations Treaty Body, when he was elected onto the Committee for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2006Gordon PorterCanada
JB MunroNew ZealandJB Munro’s contribution to the movement since 1978 when he attended his first Inclusion International World Congress has been profound. He attended most of the World Congresses and General Assemblies in several countries until 2004 and chaired several of them. He will be remembered for his leadership in New Zealand. He also provided an important link between New Zealand, the South Pacific and the rest of the world, links which are still strong today.
John O’GormanIrelandJohn was a former Treasurer of Inclusion International and a past President of Inclusion Europe and Inclusion Ireland. John was tireless in his support for Inclusion International and for the principles which keep us strong. After a lifetime working in the field of intellectual disability in his natal Ireland and internationally, John was particularly active in Bulgaria supporting the NGO sector and the families of people with intellectual since 1990.
Therese KempenersBelgium
Victor WahlstromSweden
Walter EignerAustria
Francoise JanFranceFrancoise was the President of Inclusion Europe