Frequently Asked Questions

Any organisation or individual who:

  1. Supports our vision for inclusion
  2. Agrees to our Statement of Unity for inclusion and
  3. Pays the membership fee

Your application goes through lots of checks to make sure your organisation agrees with our vision for inclusion.

  1. Complete the application form below.
  2. Your application is reviewed by our staff team.
  3. Your application is reviewed by our Membership Committee.
  4. Your application is reviewed by our Council.
  5. If you are accepted as a new member, your membership will begin as soon as your fee is paid.
  6. Your membership will be officially ratified at our next General Assembly meeting by our full members.

To become an individual member, you must agree with our vision for inclusion.

Individual members do not need to submit the application form below to become members.

To become an individual member:

  1. Visit the payments page of our website.
  2. At the top of the page under the word “Donate”, write your name and the words “individual membership” in the message line.
  3. Pay your $55.00 USD individual membership fee.

Your individual membership fee payment will be received by our team, and your membership will come into effect immediately!

Full members are self-advocacy or family led organisations that are recognised as having a voice advancing inclusion at a country level.

Affiliate members are any other organizations that work partially or fully on issues affecting people with intellectual disability and their families. They must support our Statement of Unity.

Individual members are any person who shares the values of Inclusion International.

Only full members have a say in how Inclusion International is run.

For example:

  • full members can elect Officers and Regional Representatives to be part of the Inclusion International Council
  • full members help to set the direction of the organisation by taking part and voting on important issues at our General Assembly and other meetings. For example, adopting our strategic plan and policy positions and approving new members.

Affiliate members and individual members cannot vote or nominate Officers and Council members, but they can participate equally in all other parts of the network’s work.

For new members, the membership fees are decided by the size of your organisation.

Large, Medium and Small organisations will pay different membership fees.

The final decision about the size of your organisation will be made by our Membership Committee after reviewing your application.



Full membersAffiliate members
Large$3025 / €2722$1,210 / €1089
Medium$1,513 / €1361$605 / €544
Small Plus$756 / €680$302 / €272
Small Regular$378 / €341$151 / €136
Small$121 / €108$61 / €55
Membership fee guide prices

Read our Statement of Unity

If your organisation or group is interested in joining our network, please complete this short application form.

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