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For $55 / €45 per year, you can support our organisation by becoming and individual member.

As an individual member, you can:

  1. Influence global policies,
  2. Voice your concerns at places where important decisions are made,
  3. Connect with other individual members in our network,
  4. Input into important publications, events and toolkits,
  5. Take part in our programmes,
  6. Attend webinars and events to exchange experiences and good practices,
  7. Showcase your work within our network on our website, in our monthly newsletter and on our social media channels.

Your individual membership will begin as soon as you have made your payment.

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Thank you to our Individual Members

  • Mark Lyons
  • Brie Wexle
  • Azadeh Abbaszadeh
  • Catriona Johnson
  • Richard Bennett
  • Robert Nankin
  • Kylee Roberts
  • Angela AuCoin
  • Stephanie Gotlib
  • Nancy Anderson
  • Tim Gadd
  • Barbara Cain
  • Steven Eidelman
  • Pamela Zotynia
  • Laura Evans
  • Johanne Powel
  • Patricia McDaid
  • David Towell
  • Laurie Harkin
  • Julie Barbeyrac