Take Action for Inclusion!


Today we ask you to take action for inclusion.

Inclusion International and its members are calling on the world to take action for inclusion.  We want you to be part of the change.

In 2019 we would like you to join the conversation on the issues that people with intellectual disabilities and their families say are the biggest barriers to inclusion.

We will kick off the year of action in January talking about inclusive education.

We know that most children with intellectual disabilities continue to be excluded or if they are able to go to school they are often segregated.  Education is key to to a full life in the community. We cannot achieve ‘education for all’ without children with intellectual disabilities.

Our members in every part of the world are working on achieving inclusive education. Tell us your stories of inclusion in education. For example;

  • Share your strategies that families can use to make sure their children are included.
  • We would like to hear about your experiences of working to change the system in your country.

We would love to hear you stories about how you achieved change. Join the network conversation about some of the real challenges for inclusion.

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You can share our Call to Action with your members and networks by downloading our video and infographic here!

Download Call to Action resources


Hear from self-advocates from around the world about the big issues.

Join our Calls to Action. 

  1. Share the work you are doing on Inclusive Education
  2. Share the work you are doing to be Valued Equally
  3. Share the work you are doing to Close Institutions
  4. Share the work you are doing on Real Jobs
  5. Share the work you are doing to Support Families
  6. Share the work you are doing on Inclusive Communities