Catalyst for Inclusive Education

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Inclusion International is mobilizing our global networks and technical expertise to build Catalyst for Inclusive Education, a global knowledge network for inclusive education. With the capacity to respond in real time to issues and opportunities identified by member organizations, Catalyst for Inclusive Education includes a platform of resources for strengthening inclusive education as well as direct support to projects, training, and consulting at a country level.

This global knowledge network is based on the recognition that Inclusion International’s members are core agents of change in their countries, poised to strengthen inclusive education policy and practices via culturally relevant technical support and expertise.

Catalyst for Inclusive Education assists our members with initiatives that build on larger education reform efforts, and supports the development of leaders to effectively bring about inclusive education, and the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

What is a Catalyst

A catalyst is an event or person(s) causing a change. Like a spark that starts a fire, a catalyst by formal definition is designed to increase the rate of a reaction. Catalyst for Inclusive Education aims to advance inclusive and quality education for all, by creating momentum globally to effectively include persons with intellectual disabilities.

Why do we need the Catalyst for Inclusive Education?

  • ½ of the children out of school in 2017 are children with disabilities – roughly 5 million children!
  • Children with intellectual disabilities are the most excluded, and often experience a “double disadvantage” (for example, girls, refugees, and indigenous persons with disabilities)
  • Children with intellectual disabilities are usually at home, and those that do go to school are usually segregated
  • Inclusive education is the key to a full life in the community
  • We cannot achieve ”Education for All” without children with intellectual disabilities
  • Governments need support to transform to inclusive systems
  • Inclusion International members need tools and support in order to advance inclusive education locally and regionally
  • A focus on inclusion leads to quality for ALL.

What does the Catalyst for Inclusive Education Do?

Working with our members, our Regional Response team, and Expert Advisors, Catalyst shares knowledge; mobilizes technical expertise of partners to advance inclusive education policy and practice around the globe; builds the leadership and capacity of our members at a local level; supports the development of strategic plans and offers ongoing mentorship; and provides a standard of materials regarding policy and practice of quality inclusive education for all.



This may include:

  • Providing training materials
  • Organizing study tours
  • Conducting research
  • Reviewing policy and legislation
  • Supporting litigation
  • Conducting situational analyses
  • Helping develop plans and strategies
  • Providing access to development programs, human resources and networks
  • Providing ongoing mentoring