Our Employment Working Group is collecting case studies to create a new resource for members about inclusive employment.

The resource will look at all about how our network’s vision in our Employment Position Paper (English / Spanish) can be put into action.

The Employment Working Group is asking for members to submit examples or case studies from your work in one of these 4 areas:

  1. A person with an intellectual disability getting the support they need to do their job
  2. A person with an intellectual disability being valued and treated like they belong at work (inclusive work culture)
  3. The family member of a person with an intellectual disability supporting them to find work or to start a small business
  4. A person with an intellectual disability making a transition from a sheltered workshop to a paid job on the open labour market

These stories and good examples of what inclusion can look like for an individual will then be made into a new publication by the working group, who will add their analysis and some information for members about the key ingredients for success in each of these areas.

Here is the link to the instructions and the case study form to complete. Please download the form as a Word Document to complete offline.

The Employment Working Group will be collecting case studies until November 30th. You can submit your story in any language that is supported by Google Translate and we will translate your story before sharing it with the working group.

Completed case studies can be emailed to Kimber (kimber@inclusion-international.org) who will share them on with the working group members.