COSP, short for the Conference of States Parties, is a yearly gathering organized by the United Nations.

It’s a meeting where representatives from different countries, organizations, and advocates for people with disabilities come together. They talk about how to make sure that the rights of people with disabilities are respected and protected.

COSP plays an important role in making the world a more equal and inclusive place for people with disabilities.

COSP Easy Read Explainer

If you are involved in a side event that is not on our list, or if you’re planning to go to New York for COSP, let us know! Email Manel at

Themes and Sub-themes

Overarching theme: Harmonizing national policies and strategies with the CRPD: achievements and challenges

Sub theme 1: Ensuring equal access to and accessibility of sexual and reproductive health services for persons with disabilities
Sub theme 2: Digital accessibility for persons with disabilities
Sub theme 3: Reaching the under-represented groups of persons with disabilities

Main Agenda

12 JuneCivil Society ForumLivestream
12 JuneHalf-day Meeting on Easy-to-Understand CommunicationLink to come
13 JuneOpening Ceremony, General DebateLivestream
14 JuneRoundtable discussions 1 + 2Livestream
15 JuneRoundtable 3, Interactive Dialogue, Closing CeremonyLivestream
Schedule of Events

Highlights for our Network

Members in our network and staff from Inclusion International are heavily involved at side-events at COSP.

A side-event is a smaller meeting or presentation that happens alongside the main conference. It’s an opportunity for different groups to talk about specific topics and share ideas.

Inclusion International advocates for the inclusion of self-advocates at these side-events.

Here is a list of side-events that Inclusion International and some of our members are hosting or attending:

DateTime ESTTopicOrganisersAccess
Tuesday 13 June11:30am – 12:45pmInclusive Education: an imperative for advancing human rights and sustainable developmentInclusion International, UNESCO, PM of Colombia, PM of PortugalIn-person
Tuesday 13 June11:30am – 12:45pmTransforming Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Saudi Arabia through Global PartnershipsYoung Adult Institute Inc.Zoom (online) registration here
Wednesday 14 June8.15 – 9.30amEasy-to-understand communication / Listen Include RespectInclusion International, Down Syndrome International, PM of PolandIn-person
Wednesday 14 June9.45 – 11.00amInclusive participation of underrepresented groupsInternational Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) and International Disability Alliance (IDA)Zoom (online) registration here
Wednesday 14 June1.15 – 2:30pmEnsuring accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities in health and support servicesInclusion International, PM of Italy, PM of Austria, European Disability Forum (EDF)Online access link / In-Person
Wednesday 14 June3.00 – 4.15pmPromote democratic participation, ensure inclusive electionsPM of Norway, PM of SwedenOnline access link / In-Person
Thursday 15 June11:30am – 12:45pmDigital participation of persons with disabilitiesPM of Germany, PM of UK, Inclusion International In-person
Thursday 15 June1.15 – 2:30pmImplementing the Guidelines on Deinstitutionalization,  including in emergencies: Challenges, opportunities, and the way forwardEuropean Network on Independent Living (ENIL), PM of MaltaZoom (online) registration here / In-person
Friday 16 June9:30 – 10:45amIndependent Living: Improving Support JobsEuropean Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD)Link to come
Friday 16 June9:45 – 11:00amTwice Violated: Abuse and denial of sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls with disabilities in institutions & emergenciesMental Disability Rights InternationalZoom (online) registration here

Full list of side-events

Our In-person Delegation

This year we’ll have a team of representatives from our network attending the in-person events in New York.

We’ll also take the opportunity to network and do advocacy related to our current global advocacy agenda. 

Follow our Twitter page for live updates from them!