On Thursday, March 30th, family leaders from Inclusion Africa will be hosting a regional webinar on how organisations can capture the voices of families to strengthen their advocacy.

This webinar is being hosted as part of Inclusion International’s project on the work of family groups at the grassroots level, which is funded by the World Bank’s Inclusive Education Initiative.

Through this project, Inclusion International and Inclusion Africa have been collecting case studies about the work of family groups at the local level in Kenya, Zanzibar, Benin, Peru, and Nicaragua and is creating tools that local family groups can use in their countries.

This webinar will be led by family leaders from Inclusion Africa. They will share strategies that organisations can use to collect the work and experiences of family groups at the local level and to turn those experiences into national level advocacy and policy change.

The webinar will be on Thursday, March 30th at 2:00pm East African Time (11:00am GMT).

This event is only open to Inclusion International member organisations in Africa.

Members can register for the webinar at this link.

For any questions or for support getting registered, please contact Kimber for support.