Inclusion International hosts working groups and discussion groups that bring together members to talk about issues that are important to them.

These meetings are only for members of Inclusion International, and they are run by Co-Chairs from our members organisations who lead the conversation.

Date & Time:

On 15 September, at 11am UK time, the Development Partners Discussion Group will have a meeting.

The Working Group:

The Inclusive Development Working Group is a place where members can come together to talk about and do work on inclusive development.

By inclusive development, we mean development projects that fully include people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and people from the communities where the projects are happening.


Anyone who is a member of Inclusion International can be part of the working group.

Both people who are part of a member organisation and people who are individual members can be part of the group.

To ask about the working group and attend this group meeting, contact Kimber for more information.