The next Listen Include Respect Champions meeting is happening 27 October 2023 from 4pm BST to 5pm. For your time in your local timezone, please check here.

To attend the discussion group please reach out to Ailis at

LIR Champions Discussion Group

The Listen Include Respect Champions discussion group was created to give members a place to share their work of making their organisation more inclusive.

This group is part of the work on Listen Include Respect, guidelines to help organisations make sure that people with intellectual disabilities are included in their work.

The goal of this discussion group is to:

  • bring together members who are interested in using the Listen  Include Respect guidelines to make their work more inclusive
  • create a space where members can share their progress and talk about how they used the Listen Include Respect guidelines
  • bring together members to have discussions about good examples of what inclusive organisations really look like

Members of the Group

Anyone who is a member of Inclusion International can be part of the discussion group.

The discussion group is not open to people outside of the network.

How to Join the Group

At the start of each year, Inclusion International will invite members to join the discussion group.

Members can also join at any point during the year.

To join the group, members can sign up for the email list at this link.

Make sure that you list what organisation you come from or that you are an individual member in the comment box when you sign up – this will help us make sure that you are approved to join the group quickly!


For any questions about this discussion group or how to join, you can contact Ailis at