Inclusion International wants to hear from members about their experiences supporting people with intellectual disabilities during humanitarian emergencies like conflicts, natural disasters, or other crises.

Join us for small group consultations to share your work, challenges, and ideas.

Event Details

Friday, April 12th, 11am UK (English Session with Arabic interpretation)

Info Sheet on Consultations

Who should attend?

Members who have worked directly with people with intellectual disabilities and families in emergency situations OR had a partnership with humanitarian organizations during crises.

Why Attend:

  • Share your experiences to help shape more inclusive humanitarian support
  • Discuss challenges working with major humanitarian groups
  • Provide input on how humanitarian programs can better include people with intellectual disabilities
  • Help our network advocate for the needs of people with intellectual disabilities in emergencies


Complete this form to indicate your availability for the session times and share details about your humanitarian work experience.

After you sign up for one of the sessions and get the Zoom link, we will send you the full list of questions we will ask during the meeting.

Contact: For any questions, email Kimber.