To start more regular meetings with the MENA members, a new meeting has been scheduled for MENA members to come together and discuss a key topic.

This first meeting to be on Monday 25th September at 12pm Cairo/Beirut/KSA – 1pm UAE.

The meetings are an opportunity for members in the MENA region to come together to:

  • share their work;
  • discuss challenges; and
  • get updates on important things happening in the region and how to get involved.

Each meeting has a key topic to focus on. We will invite speakers from the region on the subject and then have time for discussion. 

The first meeting could be an opportunity to talk about the work from the region and some updates such as the regional self-advocacy strategy. We can also plan the topics of future meetings together.

In addition to this meeting, we will organise another meeting before the end of the year.

Please find the link to register for the meeting here.

If you have questions, please reach out to Jameela AlQasimi.