Connecting families

Supporting families is a big part of what our members do.

To support our members with this work, we have a new programme called Families Taking Action for Inclusion.

As part of this programme, we have created a new discussion group for our members.

This group is called the Families Community of Practice.

This group brings our members together to talk about how they work with families.

In this group, members will get to:

  • share the work their organisation does with families
  • learn about how other organisations work with families
  • meet and connect with other members doing similar work
  • discuss new ideas for supporting families

At each session, the group talks about a different topic that is important for working with families.

During the first meeting in April, our members talked about how to support families in crisis situations, like war or natural disasters.

The next meeting

The second meeting of the Families Community of Practice group will be on Wednesday June 29th, at 2pm BST (UK).

The topic of the meeting is “Facilitating Peer Support for Families.”

The group will hear about our member’s experiences creating peer support systems for families in Ethiopia, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

They will also have time to connect and discuss with other members to share their own experiences and ideas about the topic.

How to join

The Families Community of Practice group is open to all of our members.

To get emails about the discussion group, click here to sign up to be part of the group.

To participate in the meeting on June 29th, click here to sign up and get the Zoom link for the meeting.