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The Transforming Education Summit is being convened in response to a global crisis in education – one of equity and inclusion, quality and relevance. Often slow and unseen, this crisis is having a devastating impact on the futures of children and youth worldwide.

The Summit provides a unique opportunity to elevate education to the top of the global political agenda and to mobilize action, ambition, solidarity and solutions to recover pandemic-related learning losses and sow the seeds to transform education in a rapidly changing world.


IDDC, IDA, GLAD, GCE Call to Action

The International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), the International Disability Alliance (IDA), the Global Action on Disability (GLAD) Network and the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), call for the international community to commit to ensuring disability inclusive quality education, including in early childhood, in global efforts to mobilise action.

We are calling on the TES Secretariat, UN Member States, civil society partners and other education actors to Leave No One Behind in delivering SDG4 and ensure
that the rights of children and youth with disabilities are at the heart of the TES.

Globally, 240 million children (one in ten) live with a disability, and they are more likely to be out-of-school compared to children without disabilities, especially girls with disabilities.

Pandemic-related school closures have led to lower-quality learning, increased exclusion, marginalisation and poverty for children with disabilities.

Barriers to learning include social stigma, poverty, inadequate and inaccessible learning facilities, lack of reasonable accommodations and support services, and weak policy environments that do not align with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Read the Call to Action here

The #DoYourHomework campaign asks leaders and education ministers attending the UN summit to transform education and make sure that 240 million children worldwide with disabilities are not forgotten.