Friday, June 2nd, Inclusion International, Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI), the International Disability Alliance and United Nations Women Regional Office Asia and the Pacific invite you to a discussion on the right to make decisions with a focus on women with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities.

This webinar builds upon the previous session hosted by Transforming Communities for Inclusion which focussed on the rights of women with psychosocial disabilities, sharing examples of legal reforms from Europe and studies on legal capacity in the Asia Pacific region.

The goal of the webinar is to talk with members about legal capacity, share experiences, and good practices for legal reforms, supported decision-making, and access to justice for women with intellectual disabilities in Asia Pacific.

We will discuss the challenges faced by women with intellectual disabilities and the legal barriers, discrimination, and stereotypes that stop women with intellectual disabilities from making decisions about their own lives.

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Event Details

Date: Friday, 2nd June 2023

Time: 10:00am UK time / 4:00pm Bangkok time

The webinar will be in English, and have translation to Spanish and Portuguese.


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Note: This event will be recorded for future reference and accessibility purposes.

Previous webinar recording: Link to the recording of the previous webinar on women with psychosocial disabilities